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We’re a stickler for old firm-favourites, and this Old Fossil has certainly stuck in our memories. One of our most popular Father’s Day selections, this Old Fossil isn’t going anywhere, which is why we had to bring it out again this year. Put a smile on both his and your face this Father’s Day. Perfect for well-wishers and old fossils alike.
Paleontologists have a keen appreciation for the infamous fossilised ammonite shell, but we like to celebrate it in our own way. We couldn’t help but draw a distinction between this old fossil and our own, which is why we felt we had to recreate it in chocolate form.
All of our moulds are hand-designed before our chocolatiers temper molten chocolate and pour it in. This gives our Old Fossil a particularly distinctive look: it certainly is a fossil like no other, perfect for your one-of-a-kind Dad. Simply break off a solid piece of our Fossil with a satisfying snap and let it slowly melt on the tongue.
Perfect for those who prefer the darker side of indulgence. We’ve used 70% cocoa to achieve a deep, opulent cocoa flavour, bold without being too rich. Our Old Fossil Dark can be enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, continuing the food chain on from the prehistoric era.
Rare fossils might be out of budget, but ours is much more affordable – put a smile on their face for under ?10. Let the Dads discover a fossil of their own to keep – although we’re not sure how long it’ll last once out of the box!


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