Cherry & Raspberry Gin 5 – Cherry & Raspberry Gin 500ml –


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Gin lovers, rejoice! We?ve got something special for you. Enjoy the nuanced tones of our premium gin liqueur with a dash of natural cherry and raspberry.

Our Cherry and Raspberry Gin Liqueur 500ml is the perfect party gift or liquor cabinet staple. Add some here, add some there. We promise that it will spruce up any plain old G&T or lack-lustre cocktail. It?s a show-stopping secret ingredient that will leave everyone guessing!

What?s so special about our cherry and raspberry liqueur? The relatively high acid content in cherries produces the tart yet slightly sweet flavour you know and love. When blended with the zingy, vibrant tones of raspberry, something amazing happens.

As these different flavours and complementary tones bounce off each other, a perfectly balanced fruity taste is created.

And when we say ?natural?, we really mean natural. Here at Hotel Chocolat, we never ever use any artificial ingredients. What would be the point? We like all our flavours to be as nature intended!

Add a dash of this liqueur to your classic gin and tonic to give it a much-needed fruity edge. We like to add some ice, a few frozen raspberries, and a cherry garnish ? but we do like to go all-out with our beverages!

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