Espresso Martini Velveti – Espresso Martini Velvetised Cream 500ml –


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Smooth, sinful, elegant: our Espresso Martini Velvetised Cream bottles the most decadent flavours, ready for you to enjoy cold or stirred into a hot drink. Vodka, espresso, white chocolate and cream, velvetised together for that undeniably silky-smooth texture. This tipple is dangerously easy to sip on! We?re partial to a shot (or more) all year round!

Chocolate and booze is a flavour combination which just works, and we like to think we know a thing or two about finding the right balance between alcohol and cocoa. We?re the only chocolatier to run two bars: one on our Saint Lucian cocoa farm and the other at our restaurant in London?s Borough Market, giving us a keen appreciation of which spirits work well with chocolate.

We wanted our own revolutionary espresso martini, strong in those punchy coffee notes, yet mellowed slightly with the creaminess of chocolate. The result? We settled on white chocolate for this alcoholic treat. Satisfyingly smooth and with a fragrant, subtly sweet finish, our white chocolate holds its own against aromatic coffee notes and warming boozy undertones.

We think this cream tastes best shaken and poured over ice. Just make sure you keep it chilled in the fridge beforehand. However, if you?re after a warming evening drink, our Espresso Martini Velvetised Cream also pairs beautifully with a milky coffee or rich hot chocolate.


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