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Know someone who appreciates the ‘crack’ as they open a bottle of beer almost as much as they enjoy good high-cacao chocolate? Toast their big day with two cacao-infused beers and carefully curated pairings of chocolate.
The secret behind how we get cocoa undertones in our beer? We infuse it with cocoa shells. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your beer becomes permeated with creamy chocolate notes. The shell of the cocoa bean has a wonderfully nutty flavour profile, with undertones of red fruit running through.
The beer
Cacao Blonde ?? a pale ale infused with tropical fruits that play off bitter notes of cacao. Perfectly balanced. Refreshingly original.
Cacao Beer ?? a dark, not-sweet porter-style ale with delicious malty notes and undertones of bitter chocolate. A twist on a traditional brew.
The chocolate
Expertly selected to complement both beers: 40% Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts, Fruit & Nut Slab, Gianduja Bombe Selector, Cacao Beer Selector, Salted Caramel Nano Slab and Milk & Cookies Nano Slab. They – or even you – might scoff at the idea of pairing chocolate and beer together, but we promise you it works
Because we’ve infused our beer with cocoa bean shells, this means it has a unique flavour backdrop that pairs well with high cocoa chocolate. We only ever use 40% cocoa solids in our milk chocolate to ensure it’s never too sweet. Think mellow with a rich finish. Perfect alongside a cold brew.
For those who love a glass or two of the cold stuff in the evening. Cheers to that.
Sorry, we may of had to swap your Milk and Cookies Nano Slab for another of the Salted Caramel Nano Slab that already appears in your selection.


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