The Dark Cabinet


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Inside our Inventing Room, here’s a dark wooden box with drawers where we keep all our working creations. Modelled after that chocolate cabinet, this all-dark collection features some of our most celebrated high-cacao recipes, including biscuits, truffles, pralines, fruities and caramels.
Enjoy the gentle tingle of habanero chilli with our Chilli Praline: delicately warming, without being too overbearing, the heat from this recipe will leave you feeling satisfied and comforted. For an adults-only treat, enjoy the boozy heat in our Whisky Truffle: we take a shot of 12-year-old single malt and mellow it in a soft truffle.
Chocolate biscuits are ridiculously moreish, which is why we felt we had to include our Mint Chocolate Pillow. Far from a modest biscuit, this recipe contains three parts chocolate, one part buttery biscuit. Delicate mint aromas pair beautifully with the depth of our high cocoa dark – perfect alongside a warming cup of your favourite beverage.
Ever heard of single-origin chocolate? This Dark Cabinet contains our Colombia 75% Dark Chocolate Slab. We use cocoa beans grown in the Colombian region alone to let access all of its delicate tastes: this particular bar imparts a oaky, butterscotch profile flavour profile like no other.
The ideal treat for that person who always leans to the dark side of chocolate, or for when you and a loved one have a cocoa craving which can’t be satisfied by just the one. Stored in a cabinet for safekeeping – or for however long you can make it last!


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