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Our innovative new Podster machine is the ideal way to get barista-grade coffee in the comfort of your own home. Following on from the success of our Velvetiser, we wanted to bring you a stylish, easy-to-use coffee machine that offers you delicious, satisfying results every time.

Compatible with our own Rabot Estate coffee pods and a range of other aluminium pods on the market (including Nespresso?), it?s a versatile machine that can cater to all your coffee needs. Just pop your pod of choice in the loader, press the button and enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed espresso. In a matter of moments, your coffee base will be ready to go. Whether you sip and savour it as is, add hot water for a refreshing Americano or combine with steamed milk for a creamy cappuccino, you can be sure your coffee will be packed full of flavour. And for the ultimate in coffee indulgence, whip up your milk of choice in the Velvetiser, then add it to your shot. You?ll have a cloudlike, comforting flat white or latte in just 2.5 minutes. Or why not velvetise your favourite hot chocolate

As well as creating top-quality espresso, The Podster?s contemporary and sleek design makes it the perfect addition to any kitchen. Attention to detail gives it that extra edge ? take, for instance, the engraved pod loader. Soft-touch buttons make it a dream to use, and a matte charcoal finish gives it that real je ne sais quoi.

What?s more, The Podster comes paired with a free Podcycler, so you can easily recycle your used coffee pods. However you enjoy your coffee, make sure it?s cafe-worthy and environmentally conscious with The Podster.


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