The Velvetiser: Platinum – The Velvetiser: Platinum Edition –


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Sleek, shiny, and ready to whip up an irresistible mug of silky-smooth comfort. The Velvetiser reimagines hot chocolate with its ingenious engineering from Dualit. In just 2.5 minutes, you’ll have delectable cloud-like hot chocolate, ready to sip at the perfect temperature.
Our latest Velvetiser model has a glossy platinum body and gorgeous matte black handle. It’s the sophisticated choice for any kitchen. And its petite size – no larger than a kettle – means it’s sure to become your most treasured appliance, always ready and waiting to satisfy your cacao craving. Simply remove the whisk and rinse the non-stick coating after use, and it will be there for your next delicious cup.
Whether you enjoy your hot chocolate mellow and milky or dark and rich, there’s a Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate pouch or sachet to tantalise your taste buds. All you have to do is choose a variety, add the real chocolate flakes to your platinum Velvetiser with some milk, and press the button. The clever machine will work its magic, creating creamy, decadent hot chocolate like no other. Pour into one of the complimentary Pod Cups and get ready to enjoy each cosy sip.
Did you know you can use your Velvetiser to stir, heat, and foam unbelievably smooth latte milk to pair with coffee, too? An uplifting espresso from our Podster coffee machine will marry beautifully with sleek Velvetised milk. It’s time for barista-grade drinks in the comfort of your own home. From morning pick-me-ups to snug evening indulgences, the Velvetiser delivers. Make top-quality hot drinks your daily ritual – The Velevtiser’s got your name on it.
1-year full parts and labour guarantee.


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